Nashville – Part 1

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Oh my goodness – we just got home from Nashville and it did not disappoint! We had so much fun and we for sure have to plan to go back.

** Edited to add – we left this amazing city about 24 hours after the tornadoes hit. Some of the devastation from them were only a mile or two from places were visited. Our thoughts and prayers go to all the people of the city. We so appreciate their hospitality and send our love to them.**

We started our trip at Dirty Franks in Columbus, OH.

This is weird to say, but I love a good hot dog.

I was here about a year ago with a co-worker and wanted The Hubster to try it out. They were all still pretty tasty!


We stopped for the night in Bowling Green, KY and what you hear in this picture, is the fire alarm going off at 7am because someone burnt a bagel for breakfast.

I’ll be honest.

We did not take this fire seriously and took our time going downstairs to exit the building.

I’m aware that it wasn’t safe.

I was half asleep.


Our first stop in the morning was at the Corvette Museum.

Here I am sitting in a new Corvette.

I could get used to this life. 😉


It was cool to see all the old time cars.


This is the personal car of the guy that invented Corvette.


I didn’t hear about this but apparently a few years ago, there was a collapse at the Corvette museum and a lot of cars fell into this sinkhole.

That they didn’t know existed.

Some of the cars were just completely destroyed and instead of repairing them, they just display them as is.


Finally this one that I liked and was apparently used in the Transformer movies.

Which I’ve never seen.



From the museum, we headed to The Hermitage, which is President Andrew Jackson’s home outside of Nashville.

Who knew he lived there?

I’m going to admit something here…I knew virtually nothing about President Jackson before the visit to his home.


They do not allow pictures inside, so this was the only selfie I got.

Plus, we were with tour guides the entire time in the house so I couldn’t really sneak any pictures either.


Andrew and Rachel Jackson never had any biological children, but did adopt one of her sister’s twins. They also raised a Native American baby that the General (how he preferred to be addressed) found after he destroyed a village during the War of 1812.

(I cannot get over the horror that they (a) split up a set of twins and (b) have another child that was orphaned during a war he was part of!)

Throughout the tour, they kept referring to Andrew Jackson, Jr as the “adopted” son.

It’s awful.

I told my mom that should I go before her, I better not have “adopted” daughter on my tombstone. She has assured me it won’t happen.

After we felt like more informed and learned people, we headed to Margaritaville where I indulged in a margarita and found the giant flip flop!

We checked into our Airbnb, which was fantastic, by the way. And then headed out to Brodway.

Since we’ve never been to Nashville, we were down for whatever.


We started the night at Whiskey Row and the bank playing was really good.

We also liked that it wasn’t super crowded yet so we got a table!


I have no idea what was so funny, but I love the joy on The Hubster’s face.


We moved on to Jason Aldean’s bar and sometime I want my name in giant letters over a stage.

The Hubster said that wasn’t a good idea.



Vacationing with these peeps is always the best time!


Two people who were out way way way past their bedtime! hahaha

And that’s how we started our Nashville trip! 🙂


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