Target Tuesday

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It’s Target Tuesday! 🙂

I found some adorable stuff for the end of winter and spring.


tank | pants

I have no idea where I would wear these pants, but they are so cute and comfy.

If you’re going somewhere warm, these would be perfect for the beach.



Sometimes I think I’m still young enough to wear these dresses.

And then I put them on and take a picture and think to myself, “you are 37, stop. Just stop.”

If you are less than 37, this would be really cute on you. 😉


shirt | shorts

I’m having a moment with army green and this shirt is my new favorite.

It’s going to look really cute with jeans and booties all spring too!



I can’t have a Target Tuesday without a jumpsuit.

Also, I’m not going to wear this one outside of Target. Was not flattering.


swing dress

I love the Old Navy swing dresses but these Target ones I think are right up there.

They come in a bunch of different colors and they’re really comfortable.

You’ll be seeing these all spring, summer, and fall!



I keep seeing slip dresses everywhere and want to get on that trend.

But it turns out, I shouldn’t get on the trend.

They’re really clingy and staticy when you put them on.

Also this one wasn’t my size but I wanted to try it on anyway.

strappy tank | tank | skirt

Because I didn’t yet know that the slip skirt would be exactly like the dress, I tried it on.



But now I know it’s not for me.

What have you guys been buying at Target lately?

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