Amazon on My Porch

It’s been a bit since I shared the fun stuff I’ve gotten on Amazon.

Elderberry Capsules 1200mg - Premium Supplement for Powerful Immune System Support & Relief from Cold & Allergies - Black Elder Berry Extract Nigra Antioxidant Vitamin - 60 Vegan Pills

Consider everyone around us is sick, I grabbed some Elderberry tablets because they’re supposed to be helpful in combating illness.

The Hubster got a succulent plant for Christmas from our niece.

While it’s adorable (her face is on it and the plant is where her hair would be), we are plant killers.

Plant Killers.

But we’ve made it approximately 2 months with a plant and it’s still alive, so I thought maybe we should give it a real stand and not just the floor by the sliding glass window.

When you’re in your late 30s, you realize you have to start traveling with pills – Advil, vitamins, cold meds, etc. So why not throw it all in a cute pill container?

The Hubster got me adorable dishes for Christmas and I’m running out of room for them, so these storage bins should come in handy for the non-Christmas months.

This body balm seems to be helping the dryness of my face.

Hey – at this point, I’ll put foot creme on my face if it worked!

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