Monday Musings

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It’s Monday – how do they keep coming around when all I want to do is savor Sunday?!?!

I thought today, I’d just let out my crazy thoughts and see if anyone else is on my wavelength today.

AE Ne(X)t Level Highest Waist Jegging

I succumbed and now own a pair of high waist jeggings.

There is something nice about the fact that they kind of suck everything in – not as effectively as Spanx, but you know, we’re on the right track.

Until, I realized that when I wear my regular jeans, the new underwear I bought sticks right out of the top of my jeans when I bend over.

Image result for thong showing

We’re not at this kind of situation yet, but I feel like I’m heading in this direction.

Anyone else having this issue?

Am I the last person to know we’re going from super low rise undies to (what feels like) granny panties?

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