Super Bowl Thoughts

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I, like most of America, watched the Super Bowl with friends and lots of snacks.


Anyone else? I made momfessionals’ queso and it was every single bit the amazing calorie feast you would imagine.

Come on in and see my other thoughts!

Let’s talk favorite commercials.

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The Jason Momoa one for Rocket Mortgage was pretty funny and I definitely laughed out loud.

Oh my gosh – his arms!! So funny!

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I’m fairly sure if you put MC Hammer into a commercial I’m going to like it.

Now I need to try that Cheetos popcorn too!

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Why did Google do that to us??!?!?

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Yes, I loved this Groundhog Day commercial and I’m super glad they did it!

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Loved the Halftime show – these women are 43 and 50.

I cannot do half of this stuff and I am not 43 or 50.

They’re awesome.

My only beef is that they had a lot of backup dancers with them and it was hard to see them.

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I have one comment on the game (I had no feeling on either team) is on poor Jimmy Garoppolo toward the end of the game.

I think he got hit pretty hard a few times and I feel like he has a pretty nasty headache today.

I thought he looked a little bit dazed at the end of the game and maybe that’s why he threw that last interception – he wasn’t seeing right? Who knows.

Congrats to the Kansas City Chiefs!

And to my tummy – I hope you enjoyed all those snacks because now it’s carrot sticks and cauliflower rice.

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