Boston – Part 1

We went to Boston for the weekend to celebrate The Hubster’s birthday and I can sum the trip up this way:

We ate all the food.

Come on in to see how we vacationed!

I feel like we usually go somewhere warm in the winter, so I rarely worry about packing winter clothes.

Turns out sweaters and warms clothes are hard to shove into a carry on.

Even with packing cubes. Lol

We didn’t get to our hotel until kind of late, so we ordered room service and watched Live PD. 😝

Isn’t that what you guys do in vacation? Haha


We stayed at the Westin, which turned out to be super convenient. We were close to shopping and basically everything that we wanted to do and see. I ended up getting a really great deal on a room and I think it’s because it was the coldest weekend of the year and no one wants to travel to cold places during the cold weather. So win?


We started our Saturday our by sleeping in and heading over to the North End of Boston to do a walking food tour.

I highly, HIGHLY, recommend doing this food tour.

Let’s discuss – you walk around and sample tons of good food and get a little history. Like the church above is where Paul Revere did his whole “one if by land, two if by sea” thing.

So yes…we’re in!

At the first stop, we tried some pumpkin ravioli and pizza.

I had to make sure I didn’t eat too much because then I wouldn’t have had room for any other food.

Also, how do I just order pumpkin ravioli for my regular life?!?!


Hat | Winter Coat | Similar Mittens | Hubster’s Similar Coat | Hubster’s Hat

Let’s discuss how cold it was outside…12 degrees.

Yes, we were freezing.

Yes, I wore like a million and a half layers.

Yes, we were either super cold or roasting hot.


We stopped in a market and is there any place better than a market with bread and cheese?

I don’t think so!

Then we were fed these salami sandwiches and a pastrami sandwich bite.

If course I wanted to eat all of it and I did, but I was starting to get a little full.

Push through, The Hubster told me.


I thought some fresh squeezed apple cider would help.

I mean, it didn’t hurt.

No joke…then we were fed mini lobster rolls and a cannoli.

I took mine to go because my stomach was not happy with me.

As in, my tummy said no more food.


We decided the best course of action would be to walk around the aquarium.

Who am I to turn down an opportunity to see some of my favorite animals – penguins?!?

The aquarium was really nice and I couldn’t get over how colorful some of the tanks were.

Like I didn’t know that some of the corals were that brightly colored. It was beautiful.



We love sea turtles because they remind us of the ones we always see in Hawaii.

These were no exception.

After walking around for awhile, we decided that maybe we were getting hungry again.

As we left the aquarium, the Hubster noticed that this restaurant, Provisions, had $1 oysters from 4-6pm and it was about 5:45pm! So of course we headed inside there to check out their oyster bar.

I’m not a raw bar person, so I checked out their clam chowder (pretty good!) and The Hubster dined on 12 oysters and was the happiest guy around.


Love going on adventures with this guy.

Also, realized that I need to go to an orthodontist for my front teeth. They are out of control!


It was lightly snowing and still really cold, but we decided to walk around town for a bit. And I thought that the Fanuil Hall and Quincy Market area was so beautiful with the little bit of snow and lights.


Where did we walk to, you ask?

The Union Oyster House, of course. The oldest restaurant in the country.

The Hubster couldn’t pass up an opportunity for more oysters!!


We sat right at the bar so we could check out all the goings on.

And The Hubster could monitor his oyster situation.

I enjoyed a second cup of clam chowder – quite good – and you know who ate another dozen oysters and followed it up with a dozen clams.


Just kidding.

He was thrilled.


We weren’t ready to head back to the hotel yet, so we ventured over to Cheers.

And I got to catch up with Diane and Norm. hahahaha

We called it after Cheers and headed back to the hotel.

And watched some more Live PD.

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