What I Wore

This post really should be called what I have recycled but is more like what I found on sale since the holidays.


Poncho | Shirt | Leggings | Booties

Love pretty much everything about this outfit.

The poncho/wrap thing comes in and out of stock, so if you can snag it, I highly recommend doing just that!

I cannot say enough good things about the Athleta shirts, too. It has proven to be a phenomenal base layer for cold days. And it’s not so bad as just an every day shirt too.

A mini miracle occurred when Spanx decided to make some of their leggings in petite sizing so now I can wear these faux leather ones and not have half the pants at my ankles!!! I’m sure it’s not a big deal to many, but for short peeps, this is pretty darn great.


Shirt | Pants | Shoes | Necklace

The Hubster calls this outfit my setting the world on fire outfit.

I think mostly because the pants are so bright.

And who am I to argue when it feels so great to wear pink pants!


Shirt | Cardigan | Jeans | Similar Booties | Necklace

I have been eyeing up the cardigan forever because it’s so cute and when it went on sale, I snagged it so darn fast. I’m so happy with it! I’m loving that you can wear it with a long sleeved shirt and in the spring it will be adorable with a tank top.

Yes, I have this shirt in a multitude of colors!


Sweater | Jeans | Similar Shoes | Earrings

I’m a total sucker for Free People Sweaters and wish they weren’t so expensive. When I saw that a few of them went on sale, I scooped them up as fast as I possible could click buy! I have this one in a maroon color too and I’m glad I have this light green too.

My actual shoes aren’t in stock anymore, but these are the same kind, just different color from Tory Burch. I splurged on them in the fall and I’m so happy to have them. They are crazy comfy and I really recommend them.

3 thoughts on “What I Wore

  1. Cute all of the outfit. You’re outfit with the pink pants is awesome. It’s very biker like. I see some one who wears leather jackets and has a motorcycle 🏍


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