Happy Birthday Hubster!


Today is The Hubster’s 39th birthday and I thought I would spend some time talking about how much I love this guy!


He goes along with mostly all my ideas.

Like when I wanted to see a Christmas concert and after we bought the tickets, he learned that it was referred to as “Reggae Christmas”.

It wasn’t really and he had a good time.


He loves going on adventures as much as I do.

And I can (almost) always convince him that we need to be at the beach.


He takes care of everyone around him.

He’s the first one to offer help and will be willing to drive anywhere if someone needs something.


He loves science so much and it’s basically one of his favorite things.

We have visited all the major air and space museums in the country. He pretty much lives his best life in there.

It’s really nice to see him so happy and geeking out.

(But don’t tell him I called him a nerd! hahah)


He makes me laugh every single day and being together is the best feeling in the world.


Happy Birthday Honey Bear! I love you more than anything and living life with you every day is the best adventure ever!

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