Fall Happenings


Um, I thought this was the most awesome cartoon of fall. 🙂

Come on in and see what we’ve been up to!


We headed to Buffalo to see some family and enjoy fall with everyone.

The drive was really pretty even though it wouldn’t stop raining!

We headed to Letchworth State Park and their annual arts and crafts show.

What you will not see is any picture of me until later in the day.

Because my filling fell out.

For a second time.

So I had to have extra Novocaine in my mouth, which resulted in my not being able to move more than half my face.

Which The Hubster lovingly referred to as “did you have a stroke face” and asked me questions all afternoon that required me to make sounds with my mouth that I couldn’t do.

He also constantly handed me food to eat that either fell out of my mouth or I had to eat real weird.

#marriage #goodthinghescute


Our first stop was to see Mr. Scribbles.

When you visit his tent, he has kids scribble on a piece of paper. He takes the paper, look at it and then creates the more adorable picture from it.

He looked at my nieces scribble (the paper in front of her) and drew a dog sleeping in a bed.

I don’t have a pic of the final one, but it was sooo cute.

I wish I had that kind of talent.


Who doesn’t love looking (and buying) all this fun fall stuff?

Not me!

I bought a pair of mittens because it was freeezing!!


I mean…how cute is my sister-in-law and her kiddos?!?!


Letchworth is called The Grand Canyon of the East.

Ummm…okay, but I’ve been to the real Grand Canyon and well..it’s not this.

But anyways.

The waterfall is always so pretty.


And we all held tight to the small children so they didn’t fall down the ledge.


Just missing some of our peeps.


I see a Christmas card picture!


I didn’t realize they lit the waterfall up at night.  It looked so pretty!

And that was one of our fun fall days.

Especially once I got full feeling in my face back. 😉

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