Target Tuesday

target tuesday

It’s one of everyone’s favorite days – Target Tuesday!!

This month’s Target Tuesday is brought to you from a Maryland Target instead of my home store. The Hubster had a meeting and I tagged along. Instead of following him around or waiting awkwardly in the car, I plopped myself in a Target and found the best new stuff for fall!

Image result for target car side pickup

Can we first discuss Target Drive Up?

While I totally love the idea of it, how in the world could I ever do this?!? I wouldn’t be able to shop in the Dollar Spot or come home with 800+ things that I don’t need.



Everyone’s looking for the perfect sweatshirt to wear with leggings this fall and I thought this one could be it. It’s so close but not quite.

This sweatshirt is super comfortable and is totally long enough in the back, but comes up just a little bit short in the front.

I have on workout leggings and they are, as usual, very comfortable and reasonably priced.

I do have to say that I don’t like to do hard workouts with them on. They don’t breathe as well as some of the other brands.


I cannot find this burgundy dress online, so I think it’s very new.

I highly recommend it – very comfortable and a good length. It would look adorable with some black boots. And I think you could even squeeze this one out for Christmas and/or Valentine’s Day.

I thought it might be a short dress and I’d need the leggings to be on again, but clearly this dress is long enough to wear without.


I have a white party to go to next month and I for a moment thought that maybe this could be the dress I wear to it.

It’s not.

It was so cute on the rack and in the picture, but I fear that it’s a little bit Little House on the Prarie in the skirt part. hahaha


I wish you could see that this dress is a cute green and black pattern.

Sadly, the light in the dressing room was a little bit unflattering for this.

Unfortunately, this dress just wasn’t for me.  The sleeves were a little bit too long and the dress just felt a little too short for me to want to wear it to work.


Let’s discuss how this was my favorite outfit of the day.

First of all, the jeans were a size down from what I usually wear. I’ve been diligently biking at least 100 miles each month and it’s finally starting to pay off!!

I did like this jeans (and not for the size number) but it’s fake front pockets and that wasn’t my favorite.

This shirt fit me awkwardly but I think it’s my height that’s the problem.

Really, the star of this whole outfit is this amazingly cute cardigan!

It comes in a few different colors but the navy combo was totally me.

It’s really soft and will be awesome to wear this fall.

And there we have some outfits from a different Target this month! 🙂

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