My Favorite Things


Today, I’m sharing another one of my favorite things.

Cheese. 🙂


I’m a girl who loves her cheese.

Cheddar. Goat. Swiss. American. Cheese Ball. Gouda. Havarti.

I don’t discriminate.

Image result for kraft sharp cheddar cheese

I will eat shredded sharp cheddar cheese for a snack.

I’m sure it’s much more cost effective to buy a block and cut off the pieces that I’m going to eat, but there’s zero fun in that.

The Hubster disagrees because every once in awhile we’ll find a cheese shred in the couch.

Image result for american cheese

American cheese is a staple in my house.

I mean – grilled cheese, egg toppings, sandwich addition – the possibilities are endless!

Do you guys have a favorite cheese? I want to hear!!

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