Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Hello Friday! 🙂

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We have lots of fun stuff planned this weekend.

We’re going to pop into the Fall Festival our town throws every year and visit some of our friends who moved away. Looking forward to it all!

I’m linking up with ErikaNarci, and Andrea to share my favorite things this week.



I’m going to tell you a little secret about myself – I only like muffin tops.

I’m sure that is also applicable to many many other people.

I had a co-workers for a little while who would gladly eat the muffin bottom so I would eat 2 tops and he would eat 2 bottoms.

I missed those days until I found out that Panera makes muffin tops!!!!!!

I mean this is amazing. (I assume they’ve been around for awhile and I’m totally late to this party.)

If you need me this weekend, I’ll be sitting at a Panera (any one, really) eating an extensive amount of muffies!!!


Pilot FriXion Colors Erasable Marker Pen, 24 Colors Set & FriXion Eraser Light Blue with Original Vinyl Pen Case

These erasable markers are pretty much the most amazing markers that I have ever used in my entire life.

And I LOVE me some Sharpies.

No joke…you can write and erase with no smudges or weird looking paper.




Dress: Caslon Short Sleeve Sweatshirt Dress | Nordstrom
Sandals: White Mountain Helga Leather Sandals | Famous Footwear
Earrings: Faux Leather Earrings | Amazon

Loving this fall outfit.

The dress is soooo comfy and I can’t stop wearing it.

If it weren’t camo, I would be wearing it tons more! haha




I can’t stop laughing.



I bought these shoes on a total whim and they are sooooo comfortable and I want to wear them with every single outfit I put on.

For $35, you will have adorable shoes that you can walk around all day in (and I did – in Philadelphia) and your feet will not hurt after.

My recommendation is to size up a 1/2 size. It felt more comfortable for me.


Have a great weekend! 🙂

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