Road Trip – DC & Hershey

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The Hubster and I took a crazy unexpected road trip and had so much fun!

Last weekend got a little crazy for us. We decided to visit our new god-daughter in Washington DC and then head to an RV show to see if we were interested in buying one.

Lots of travel for one weekend but we were up to it!


The Hubster actually had a work meeting first thing on Friday, so I tagged along and after a quick Target trip, I found myself at a Panera, eating some yummy treats.

Then we headed into Washington DC, where we were greeted at our hotel with some cute cupcakes and champagne.

I mean, this is a perfect hotel if you ask me. 😉

We both finished up some work and then headed to the happy hour.

Best cocktail menu drink names ever.

Stormy Jack Daniels?

Cold Brew Covfefe?

I was dying laughing.


Even more fun is that you sit at the bar and look at the White House!!


I had to send this one to my mom. hahaha


Hanging out with the White House in the background like NBD.

Pretty amazing.


Oh and if you look the other way, The Washington Monument.

This bar is awesome!


Then we found this restaurant that made bowls (I have no idea what it was called) but I made a Hawaiian one with pineapple, chicken, edamame.



We hopped in an Uber and got to snuggle our adorable new god-daughter, E.

Her hair is amazing and we can’t stop laughing at how it has it’s own mind.

She’s so fun to play with and let me just say that bouncing a sleepy baby is pretty much the greatest thing.


The next morning, we got up and headed to Hershey, PA for the world’s largest RV show.

Of course, I had to indulge in some tacos, because why not?


We looked around and found this super fun retro camper.

I loved it, but it was a little bit out of our price range and we didn’t really need it.

We found a few that we liked and let’s be honest here.

After walking around the show for 6 hours, they all started to look the same to me and I wasn’t in a position to make a decision.

I was also grumpy and hungry.

Clearly the two had something to do with each other. 🙂

We left the show and headed to our hotel for the night. We ended up going to dinner at a Belgian restaurant and oh my gosh – best fries ever!

So great that I didn’t take a picture. 😦

And that’s part 1 of our road trip!

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