Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

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Yeah! It’s Friday!!

The Hubster and I are going to see The Ultimate Night of Destruction – Demolition Derby tomorrow. I mean, what says Saturday night like watching school buses smash into each other? haha

I’m linking up with ErikaNarci, and Andrea to share my favorite things this week.



You need to run to your nearest internet browser and order yourself a pair of these Ugg Sammy Slip-On Sneakers.

I got a pair in my Trunk Club box and they are pretty much like wearing slippers around.

I wore them to travel last weekend and I walked around airports without any problems. They also were nice to have my feet covered because I get cold on planes sometimes.

I can’t stop talking to people about these shoes…seriously. My friends probably don’t want to hear about this anymore!


Adidas x Nice Kicks Tie-Dye Sneakers

I’m totally loving these tie-dyed Adidas sneakers.

They’re available on Sunday and I’m contemplating them.

I don’t *need* a new pair, but these are pretty fun.


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Last weekend, we were in Charleston and had some friend chicken from Publix.

I was like, yeah, no thanks. I’m not a fried chicken person and I don’t think I’m a grocery store fried chicken person.

Turns out, I am a grocery store fried chicken person.

You guys have got to try it.

I don’t live near a Publix but The Hubster is already planning at trip around Publix locations.


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The Hubster and I argued about laying on the decorative pillows the other night.

I say you can’t lay on the couch ones…I didn’t want his dirty head making it weird for guests.

Where do you guys fall?


I’m totally not ready for fall yet, but I am staring this Christmas tree down.

It hasn’t been added to my cart yet, but I’m 90% sure it’ll be in there before the end of next month. lol

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