Learning New Things

Image result for skills i want to learn

I’m always up for trying to learn something new, whether a skill, craft, new class, etc.

Here are a couple things on my learning bucket list!

Image result for nikon d3500

I have a fancy Nikon camera and no idea how to use it.

The Hubster even buys me amazing lenses for Christmas and my birthday but I am a complete blank when it comes to trying to learn how to use it.

I have to find some You Tube videos to get better.

Image result for calligraphy

I have a bunch of hand lettering books and really need to get working on those.

I love writing my cards out with fancy writing.

Image result for canning pickles

I love pickles and it would be awesome to get good at canning.

Or just attempt to can vegetables.

Image result for sewing

I have a sewing machine.

I can sew very slowly in a straight line.


I want to get better at sewing.

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