Target Tuesday

target tuesday

Target Tuesday means I tried a bunch of great stuff on and have it to share with you!


I so so so wanted this dress to work because it was so darn cute.

Maybe if I sized to an XS instead of a S, but I don’t think that’s going to help much here.

Super cute dress. I think probably better suited for someone taller than me.


While the dress itself is cute, let’s just all agree that I don’t look great in animal print and move on.

And never try this on again.


Love, love, love this dress.

Perfect for work.

And the pockets are clutch. 🙂


I cannot find this dress online yet.

Which is fine because this doesn’t so much fit me that great.

I’m working on getting into better shape and losing a few pounds and well, it’s working. Which is great. And I’m thrilled about fitting into my clothes in a much better way.

I’m also in between sizes at Target and that’s zero fun.

This dress was way too big on me.


This dress is also not online.

Loved the feel of it.

The sleeves were weird and too much for me.


Obviously we need to end with a jumpsuit!

I loved everything about this jumpsuit except for the fact that I thought it was way too wide open in the chest.

I didn’t buy it and then realized I never closed the back, so that’s why it hung awkwardly on me.

(face palm)

For sure get this one – it’s awesome!

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