Favorite Things


My favorite things post this month is about the lotions that I use that I pretty much can’t live without.

I discovered the Cottage Greenhouse products a few years ago when I bought a jar of their foot creme at a little boutique.

Image result for cottage greenhouse peppermint foot

This rosemary mint foot cream changed my life.

No for real.

I have really really bad dry skin in the winter.

I actually used this foot cream on my legs and feet all winter and they did not get as badly cracked as usual.


(Full disclosure: there are other contributing factors, but this really really helped!)

Image result for cottage greenhouse blood orange

Also, the blood orange and grapefruit lotion…just as awesome.

I have tubes of it all over – my bedroom, the kitchen, and my office.

I almost cried when we had to throw one out at security when I forgot I shoved one in The Hubster’s suitcase for a previous road trip.

Don’t worry – it’s been replaced! 🙂

What are your favorite lotions? Can’t wait to hear about it!

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