Hopping on the Mascara Train

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Today, I’m talking about mascara.

I wear mascara like once every 6 months.

In high school and college I would wear it daily.

Clearly, I had more time to get ready and boys to impress.


I sometimes wish I wore mascara more often but since my allergies are out of control, most mascara makes my eyes itch like crazy.

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But then I found Better than Sex mascara and loved it. It’s kind of heavy, so I only wear it on special occasions.

Weddings. Fancy Parties.

I do not wear it every day.

I’m an eye rubber.

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But then I found this Bare Minerals Lashtopia and it’s not heavy. It stays on.

I’m desperately trying to avoid rubbing my eyes.

I lasted until about 3:30pm yesterday, so that’s a win!

So far my eyes don’t itch. I think it’s because this is vegan mascara, so there aren’t any harsh chemicals that bother me.

I’m going to try this mascara thing now.

Let’s see how long I last!

3 thoughts on “Hopping on the Mascara Train

  1. I don’t do much make-up AT ALL! But I have fallen in LOVE with Dior make-up, especially their mascara … it is honestly the best stuff! I would recommend that you check out the Dior Show Waterproof Mascara … you’ll thank me! 🙂

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