Our Fishing Boat Adventures


A few months ago, The Hubster’s Grandpa generously gifted us his fishing boat. It needed some work and after a few weeks and a facelift, our fishing boat was ready for the water.

A little bit of background…


The Hubster bought a boat in 2007 and we were on it pretty much all summer. (And even into fall when it was so cold and I thought we were nuts.)

Our sailboat had no name and The Hubster named his boat The Proposal to ask me to marry him.

So yeah, we’re boat people.

We’ve been missing the water like crazy for the last 10 years and when the opportunity to have a fishing boat came up, we were super excited!


Last weekend the weather was perfect, so on Saturday, we got up and headed out for the day.


We learned how to use the boat becuase it was new to us and there are some quirks.

IE: the front seat is broken and you feel like you’re going to break your back after you hit every single wave.

I laughed after the first few waves and then realized if I wanted to avoid a concussion and compression fracture in my back, I should sit in the middle seat.


The lake was beautiful and the weather was absolutely the most perfect for boating.


We did a little exploring and found this cool waterfall.


The best find of all was a fun tiki bar on the water!


Who doesn’t love a drink with an umbrella and some Cuban pulled pork?

Not us!


We had such a fun time!

And I probably need to put my head down a little for selfies so my neck doesn’t look so weird. hahah


The next day the weather was still perfect, we still didn’t have any plans, and thought trying a different lake on the other side of us would be the best way to cap the weekend.


It did not disappoint.


The water was actually a lot more clear and warm.

The Hubster asked if I wanted to swim, but we don’t have a ladder and I’m not totally sure how I would get back into this boat without (a) tipping it over, (b) losing a bathing suit trying, or (c) hurting something.

Maybe next time! πŸ˜‰




I love love love being back on the water.

It’s so good for our hearts.


We are the happiest.


It was a busy day in the water and we are soo glad we can be out on it now!

What a great day! πŸ™‚

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