Target Tuesday

target tuesday

Yay! Target Tuesday means lots of fun stuff! 🙂

Come on in and see what I found!


I am completely in love with this dress.

I’ve worn it a few times and it’s super comfortable.

I must say that it is really heavy, so I don’t wear it outside on hot days because your legs will hate you.


I really want to like polka dots. They’re always so cute and I keep thinking that they’ll look cute on me.

I’m fairly certain that polka dots aren’t my thing.

Even though this dress is cute! 🙂


Hi, my name is Sarah and I will try on any jumpsuit.

This one was a little bit clingy and weird length on me because I’m short, but it’s cute and at $27.99, not a bad deal.


Love this print!

I didn’t buy this jumpsuit in the store, but I do think that I want it.


I loved this dress. I don’t have anywhere to wear it so I didn’t take it home, but someone is going to be very happy when they buy it.


Who doesn’t love soft cozy jammies?

No one…that’s who!

Love this top and bottom set for those cozy nights in the fall.

Hope you liked all my fun Target finds! 🙂

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