Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Fridays in the summer are the best! 

We tend to go out to dinner on Friday nights and I love finding places with patios so we can relax and have fun!

I’m linking up with ErikaNarci, and Andrea to share my favorite things this week.


Image result for nordstrom anniversary sale 2019

Like the rest of the world, I was not immune to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and am anxiously awaiting my purchases.

Some of them are going to be amazing.

I can feel it.


I’ll share my finds when they arrive at my house!



It it hot by your house? Because we are MELTING over here.

Well…sort of.

It’s crazy hot outside.

And my office is so cold that I am wearing a sweatshirt every afternoon and trying to keep my fingers warm.


I do love summer heat though!



My chip was in the shape of a heart the other day and that made me so happy.


Image result for garage sale meme

Our community garage sale is in a few weeks and let me tell you – we have a lot of stuff that I would like to sell.

I am very very hopeful that if I price it right (ie: almost free!), people will take it off our hands.

Question for you guys – I’m hoping to sell some bags – Michael Kors, Coach, Kate Spade – and will price them for like $25 just to get rid of them. Would you buy those for that price from a garage sale?



I’m getting ready for a retirement party and am making shirts for everyone.

So my living room kind of looks like a t-shirt factory!

Can’t wait for the party!

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