Girlfriend Weekend

Last weekend was a girlfriend weekend and it was SO. MUCH. FUN.


Kristin was my very first friend in high school.

It was my first day in a new (to me) school and I was feeling a little nervous because I came from a school of 250 kids and now I was with 1200. Somehow I made my way into a business class and when I was looking around trying to find a seat, this girl said to me, “Hi, I’m Kristin. Would you like to sit with me?”

She’s been my best friend ever since.


We live about 3 hours from each other, but haven’t hung out in years. YEARS!

It’s awful.

Kristin called me a few months ago and said we were having a girlfriend weekend and which weekend was I free to meet.

I was soooo excited.

We met about halfway between our homes and the first thing on the agenda was a tea.


We were served all kinds of fancy food that we don’t know what it was.

And I’ve never had an asparagus sandwich before!


We walked around the cute town and went into a few shops.

You guys know I love fall just as much as the next person.

But I am NOT ready to give up summer.

These skeletons need to slow their roll for a few more weeks.


We found a little winery where we did a fun wine tasting.

The wine guy was very enthusiastic and was very happy to tell us all of his wine knowledge.

The cute town closed at 5pm.

So we headed to the hotel where we proceeded to talk for 3.5 hours non-stop until our dinner reservation at 8:30.


We had an absolutely amazingly delicious dinner and drinks, headed to the hotel, and proceeded to talk until 12:30 when we passed out from talking.

No joke.

We got up in the morning and talked for another 2 hours before we went on our way.

It was so very much fun and I can’t wait to meet up with Kristin again.

Because this needs to become an annual getaway!

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