Growing in Gratitude

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I’m linking up with Fall into Life today for Growing in Gratitude. We’re talking about the 5 things we were most grateful for last month.



In June we’re all grateful for our dads and I’m no exception.

My Dad is pretty special and I’m very grateful to call him mine!

This might also be the last time he wore a plaid shirt. haha



I’m so happy we were able to make it to my college reunion.

It made my heart happy and me feel so grateful to have spent 4 years at this amazing school.



We’re all grateful when The Hubster picks new clothes that take him out of his usual comfort zone!

I also realized that I am not a good person when I’m shopping in Mens Warehouse. It’s not fun to be in there because there’s nothing for me. haha



We were able to all be together in June for a family wedding and for that, we are really grateful.

All 11 (!!) of us were together for a weekend and it was pretty fun.

There’s nothing like hanging with your favorite small peeps. But dang…those kids get up early! 😉



I’m still fangirling over here about how close we got to NKOTB!

Soooo fun!

I’m grateful to have a friend who has the same love for 90s music as me! 🙂


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