Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Friday! 🙂

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I’m linking up with ErikaNarci, and Andrea to share my favorite things this week.


Coach Waverly Pump Dark Berry SALE Women's Sale Shoes

When I was out shopping this week, I encountered a sale at Coach, and I realized that these Waverly shoes needed to be in my life.

Coach Waverly Pump Grey SALE Women's Sale Shoes

And then when I saw that these shoes were just as adorable, I made sure that I got them at my house too! 🙂

I saved about $180, so isn’t that like getting a pair for free?



I’m loving, loving, this sundress from Walmart.

It’s $16.94, so totally reasonable.

Now I haven’t washed it yet and I’m going to assume it’s not so much fun after the washing.

I’ll keep you posted.


original bogg bag (large tote 19x15x9.5)

I bought my mother-in-law a Bogg Bag after I saw that Andrea couldn’t stop raving about them.

She can’t stop telling me how great this bag is and how she uses it all the time.

I kind of want one for me now.


Image result for hannah bachelorette

I cannot stop with The Bachelorette.

That’s all.

Image result for abc mini golf show

We also started watching Holey Moley and it’s pretty funny and crazy.


Image result for water grown up meme

Yes? Don’t we all know this now?

Water is a grown up drink.

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