June Weddings!


Do you guys love weddings?

We do.

I mean the happiness and love and dancing and drinks and fun times.

We love weddings.

And we were at 2 last month!

The first wedding we went to was for our neighbor’s son, Bryce.  The church they got married in was absolutely beautiful.


Amanda and her dad – so sweet!


They were so nervous and we were excited to be a part of their special day!


My neighbor, Janie, is such an awesome friend. She was so funny that day.

She kept trying to prepare herself for seeing Amanda in her dress and was totally unprepared to see her son standing there! Janie was just beaming all day.


And we just danced the entire night away! 🙂

(My dress)


Then The Hubster’s whole family decended on the Catskills and we partied with Reid and Natalie! 🙂

(My jumpsuit)

I have zero pictures of them. 😦 I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

Maybe because it was so cold and I used my arms to generate body heat instead of taking pictures.


Well – I got this one selfie. hahaha


We stayed at an Airbnb and well…the neighbors must have some problems with some of the people that have stayed in the house.

Does that mean I can have quiet profanity? Or loud profanity before 10pm? hahaha


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