Life Lately


Life around here lately has been a whole mess of stuff.

Come on in and see what we’ve been up to!

I finally got to see Justin Timberlake!

He had postponed this concert twice and we were unsure whether he was really ever going to have one at all!

It was pretty good. I think he was better during his 20/20 tour.

He’s still a fun show!


My nephew and niece got me this adorable ice cream cake for my birthday.

It was delish!

The Hubster and I spent a weekend in Buffalo eating our most favorite foods.

First up was the Prosit food truck, which is German food. Amazing.

I had a potato pancake, pierogi (not pictured) and red cabbage.

My tummy was so happy.

My arteries were not.


My nephew had a magic birthday party that same weekend, we caught the end of Magician Todd’s act. He was good and the kids really liked him.


The Hubster and Lizzie deconstructed the tricks. She’s certain she knows how he did them all.


Then we ate our favorite pasta while celebrating our friend’s 40th birthday.

(How are we old enough to have friends turning 40!?!?!?!)


We capped that weekend with a trip to Ted’s for hot dogs and burgers.

We just ate our way through the weekend.

Happily, too!

My in-laws came to visit us for Easter, so the Easter Bunny paid a visit to our house.

The Hubster happily played the part by munching on some carrots and leaving bunny prints. He’s really good at this stuff!


Then we posed for a most sophisticated picture. 🙂


I bought The Hubster and my brother-in-law the same shirt for Easter because I know it’s a style they both like.

I didn’t realize they were both going to wear it to church with virtually the same pants and shoes.

We’re unsure if it’s adorable or creepy.

The Hubster ended up changing before we left the house.


Then we all played outside on Easter afternoon.

And by play outside, I mean drag every single toy that we have at our house out of the shed.

Spring cleaning, right?!


A few days later, my in-laws stopped over and we celebrated my mother-in-law’s birthday.

It was a last minute stop, so we had to just make do with a store bought cake.

I’ll have to do better next time.

I’m waiting for my arm to heal up now. It’s turning lovely colors after 2 failed blood draws the other day.

I’m kind of wearing long sleeves because this is embarrassing!

And that’s a peek at our life lately!

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