Road Trip – Days 4 & 5


Days 4 and 5 of my road trip are what you would call – enjoying the local cuisine and sights! 🙂

We started the day (sort of – I mean it wasn’t at 8am or anything) at the Coors factory for a tour of their facility.


We were in the Coors Non-Alcoholic tour but they assured us that didn’t mean we weren’t going to sample! lol


I was surprised that Coors owns all these brands. I didn’t know that Leinenkugel’s and Blue Moon were part of the Coors family.


I forget what they said happens in here, but I think it’s what they do to the beer before it becomes beer. (Like when they add the hops and it’s steeps like tea? I wasn’t really paying super close attention.)


I was however, excited to see you got a tasting in the middle of the tour!

We sampled Coors Banquet. Which is what the miners would drink after they worked all day.


At the end of the tour, you got to have 3 complimentary tastings.

I’m not a giant beer person, so I sampled a Blue Moon and just enjoyed the time with The Hubster and Matt. (The Hubster had flown in late the night before.)


Actual sign in the Coors facility.

Do you think they had enjoyed their 3 beers before they put this up?


The Coors facility in Golden, CO is beautiful. The scenery is pretty amazing.


From Coors, we headed to New Belgium where we took another tour.

I can’t remember our tour guide’s name but he was really good. He was pretty funny and very knowledgeable about beer making and New Belgium.


Two very happy guys.


I wasn’t all about drinking the beer, so I enjoyed some selfie taking.


We were having a ton of fun!


I thought it was cool to see the bottling and canning process. It’s cool how they have all the bottles on the conveyor and then it seems like magic how they all get in the boxes.


You get a brand new can of beer at the end!

Me being the not beer drinker, donated mine to the group and volunteered to drive home.


He is the happiest guy in the world.


And because I am a glutton for punishment, we decided to try Mountain Dogs, which is a hot dog with beans on top.

It was really good.

And then I decided I should pause the hot dogs for an indefinite amount of time.


The next morning, I did a bit of work and headed to the airport to pick up Matt’s wife, Cassie. She was flying in to spend the weekend with us.

The Hubster and Matt had to deliver what we had just driven out.

Have you guys ever been to Denver? The Hubster lived there for a year and I always thought this horse was super creepy.

I guess it’s a landmark but I never really understood it.

Cassie and I had to wait for the guys to get out of their meeting, so we browsed through Barnes & Noble (like that’s a hardship) and enjoyed some cocktails at the hotel. It was a pretty fun afternoon.


For dinner, we headed to Williams & Graham. It’s a speakeasy that looks like a book store on the corner of the street.

It’s pretty fantastic and if you’re in the area, you have to go there.

It gets really busy, so either make a reservation or be there when it opens.

Which is what we did.

We waiting in line to get in. lol


It’s dark in there, but my drink looked so cool so I had to get a picture!

All of the food we ate was amazing.

And that capped off a really fun night!

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