Road Trip – Day 6


It’s the last day of my road trip!

We’re all happy and sad!

At this point in the trip, Matt and I kind of just wanted to go home. We’d been on the road and in different hotels each night for the last 5 nights. The Hubster and Cassie were ready to break it down and party.

Just kidding.

We all got messed up from the time change and woke up at 5am and wanted to go to bed at 7pm.


We started the day at Garden of the Gods, which is a really pretty red rock garden near Colorado Springs.


The rock formations are beautiful and so unusual in color.

There’s nothing else around it that is that color.


I mean…beautiful, right?!?!

It’s almost surreal to see the mountains in the background.

The Hubster and I stopped here about 10 years ago on one trip that I made out to see him.


We climbed up the one rock and took in the sights.


It was really fun to be back there.


From there, we headed up Pike’s Peak.

Unfortunately, due to the weather and high winds, they only let us go to mile 13 of 19. So we didn’t get to the summit.


Despite the weather, it was still amazing where we stopped.


It was cold up there!!


We stopped at the gift shop near where we stopped and I decided this bear wanted in on my selfie.

Some other customers thought I had cut them in the bathroom line but I assured them I was just taking a picture.


We stopped at the reservoir on the way down and it was so beautiful.


I don’t even think you can tell how amazing it was in the pictures.

It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.


I feel like these pictures make us look like we’re in front of a background not the actual mountains.


Later that night, The Hubster and I went on a date to a creperie.

Because we needed more food.

Not pictured – a giant Mexican food lunch.

Who can say no to crepes?

Not us!!

The next morning, we got up early and flew home.

It was a really fun trip! I don’t think I want to repeat that road trip again anytime soon, but it was a really cool thing to do.

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