Amazon On My Porch

I’ve been quite active on Amazon these days – come on in and see what I’ve found!

I’m loving these Jenn Ardor heels.

They’re just like these Ted Baker heels (which I’m drooling over) but way more reasonable.

I think I told you before, but I use this foot cream on my legs and feet and it works so great!

I’m trying to make a little coffee bar at the house and it’s really dark in that corner, so these under the cabinet lights will be perfect to brighten it up!

I love to brighten up my planner with stickers and this one is just adorable.

The bed sticker in February is a little weird though. Not gonna lie.

I needed to buy a few more things for my sister-in-law’s baby shower and these burp cloths are so cute and so her.

My niece Adeline is also getting these fun bath toys. (And some other things too)

And that’s the random stuff that’s been coming to my house from Amazon lately!

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