Christmas 2018


I don’t know about you guys, but we Christmased hard this year.

It was a pretty fantastic end to 2018 for us!


Our last day of work was a Christmas party (and waaay too much eating), so I convinced The Hubster to wear our Christmas Vacation shirts. 🙂


We started our vacation at our favorite place for brunch.

We joked with The Hubster about the fleece he had on.  He’s had that since he was 16 years old.

Let that sink in – 16 years old!!

He got mad at me when I pointed out that some of our new co-workers are younger than his fleece and that his fleece is old enough to have a beer!


I don’t think he’ll be wearing that fleece anymore.

Merry Christmas Eve! 🙂

I know The Hubster hates the selfie stick, but it was the only way we were getting a nice picture of the 2 of us.

I loved my Christmas top! It was a last minute buy but was so cute. And I can transition it into Valentine’s Day too!


We had an amazing Christmas day together.

The Hubster and I stayed home, just the two of us. He cooked this fantastic eggs benedict breakfast (now I want one!!).


And it wouldn’t be a Christmas day with The Hubster if he didn’t spend at least some of his day building Lego!


We headed to Buffalo the day after Christmas to spend some time with our families.

I’m really bummed because I didn’t get one since picture during the time we spent with my parents, brother, and Grandpa.

My nephew convinced me to play his beginner chess game.

I have no idea how to play chess.

He has no idea how to play chess.

The game actually turned into my mother-in-law and sister-in-law coaching us.

Summary: I am not good at chess and do not want to be. hehehe


This is one of the sweetest memories that I have from Christmas – my nephew reading a book to my Grandpa.

These two aren’t related but my Grandpa loves my nephew and niece as if they were his own grandkids.

Seeing these two together was so amazing and I’m glad I got to be there to see them.


And then I realized that I only had 4 days to finish all my CPE for the year, so I hurried up and took my classes online!

Every year I wait until the last minute.

Every year The Hubster chastises me and wonders when I’m going to learn.

Never. I’m never going to learn my lesson.

And what would my Christmas vacation be like if I wasn’t spending half the time doing CPA stuff?!?!


My family ❤

And where would we be without the selfie stick?!?

Without this picture!


The Hubster’s family has a tradition where we pick names and give each other a homemade present.

We love it and homemades are one of our favorite traditions at Christmas.

This year, our nephew had The Hubster and he made him a race car and painted it the color of The Hubster’s old car.

It was so cute and thoughtful.

My brother-in-law had me and I didn’t take a picture of it yet, but he gave me framed copies of all of our family recipes for my kitchen. It’s going to look so nice in there. I’ll take some pics when they’re finished.


Then it was fondue time!

We love doing fondue all together at Christmas.

We eat entirely too much food.

We sometimes drink too much wine.

We always have fun with each other.


One evening we headed to our friends’ house.

The Hubster and Shawn lived together for a few years when they were bachelors.

We’ve been really good friends for years. (We all went to Jamaica together too!)

It was really nice to spend the evening with 4 of our favorite people.


The Hubster played a little bit of hockey.

I got to catch up with my beautiful goddaughter about what’s happening in her life.

She was showing me these Scribble Scrubbies and they were pretty adorable.

Then it was time to come back home for New Year’s Eve!

We spent the evening with our neighbors and had a really fun night.

Highlight: our neighbor brought dessert and wanted to order 2 of each of the 6 flavors of cupcakes at the bakery. Somehow, she ended up with 6 dozen cupcakes. Everyone had some to take home that night! hehe

And then we had a few more days off to be lazy and hang out at home.

So I did a 1000 piece Christmas puzzle in 6 hours.

I just couldn’t stop.


I ventured to target for those 4 things and ended up with a cartful!

As per usual.

Well played, Target.


I decided to get into shape in 2019 and actually use my Peloton.

I signed up for a 100 mile challenge in January.

I’m doing okay so far and the rides are a lot nicer with the Christmas tree to look at!

Minus that weird dead spot. (Maybe it’s time for a new tree?!?)


I finished off our Christmas vacation with a bowl of ice cream.

That’s totally normal, right!?!?

Christmas 2018 was pretty fantastic.

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