Let’s Look Wednesday

lets look

It’s Let’s Look Wednesday and I’m linking up with Mix and Match Mama and A Little Bit of Everything to peek at some of the stuff in our lives!

To kick off 2019, we’re talking about the coziest spot in our house!

The coziest spot in our house is this chair we have tucked into the corner of the living room.

We fight over who gets to sit in it.


We’ve worn this chair in really well over the years. (It’s from IKEA.) And the ottoman let’s you stretch out real nice.

I won custody of the chair on Monday so I curled up, wrote some thank you notes, and watched The Bachelor.


There are some other cozy spots in the house (the corner of our sectional sofa – also a spot we argue about).

But this chair is just the perfect place. 🙂

lets look 2


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