My Weird Pet Peeves


It’s Monday – our least favorite day of the week. haha

So I thought it would be fine to take the opportunity to lay our all of our pet peeves.

Because why not?!



I am irrationally angry when The Hubster’s snoring wakes me up in the middle of the night.

Like I’m really mad.

And I don’t get that mad at all, ever, during the day.

Snoring just does something to my brain.


We have a c-fold towel paper towel dispenser at work and when someone puts the paper towels in backwards, it’s quite annoying.

Mostly because then a whole bunch end up coming out and I get frustrated.


Leaving an empty laundry soap container in the cabinet without having a back-up.

When I empty the laundry soap, I buy another one immediately. That way we always have an extra.

I mean 2 people live in my house – on the grand scheme of things, I don’t do that much laundry.

But if I go to do laundry and the current one is empty and there’s no spare…it’s not a happy day in my house.

(This just applies to laundry soap. For whatever reason, other soap and shampoo don’t seem to bother me one bit. I’m weird. And these are my pet peeves.)


Opening cereal and not really closing the bag.

I don’t like stale or soggy cereal.

If I’m eating cereal, I barely put any milk in it – I like crunchy cereal.

So when someone leaves the bag open and just in the box, I feel like my brain gets very upset.

So there you have my weird pet peeves.

What are yours?

2 thoughts on “My Weird Pet Peeves

  1. I can’t bear having two of the same thing opened – my boyfriend is always opening new bottles and jars without looking to see if there is already one open in the fridge or the cupboard – it drives me nuts! That, and he always squeezes tubes in the middle instead of from the end!

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