Weekend Shenanigans


Life has been pretty fun these days.

Come on in and see what we’ve been up to! 🙂

Last weekend was the first weekend in 5 weekends (5!!) that we were home all weekend.


I know last weekend we were in Nantucket and it was fun and all, but there’s something about waking up in your bed on a weekend that’s a pretty great feeling.


I convinced The Hubster to take me for bunch and I had this amazing hash with poached eggs.


I had to return something to the mall and got a quick peak at Santa!

And he even waved to me!


Saturday night we had tickets to a whiskey smash and it was so much fun!

We went last year with our neighbors and this year we did it again.

We walked in and were served a chocolate manhattan out of this really cool fountain.


We never knew that moonshine originated in England.

The joke was always that it came from West Virginia or Kentucky!


It was so fun to take all the different kinds of whiskey.

The one distillery made bourbon creme and let me tell you – it was amazing.


Yay for craft whiskey!


There was this board on Prohibition and how people could vote for booze or abstinence.

I found a pink ping pong ball (obviously) and voted for booze! hehe


There was this super cute trio singing.

They were’t super great, but they were really funny guys.


I convinced The Hubster that we should just eat brunch out again after church on Sunday.

He agreed.


Since the weather was decent, we figured it was time to put the summer furniture away for the winter.

Considering it has already snowed on everything, we’re kind of late on that one.

I love summer on our patio, so it’s always sad to see it go away for the winter.


And Sunday night I made a cherry pie!


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