How We Wednesday

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I’m linking up with Shay and Erika for How We Wednesday.

Today we’re talking about how we fall! 🙂


This is me!!!

I usually don’t want summer to end and this year is no exception.

But we kind of got thrown into fall super fast (like the temperatures here went from 90 to 60 in the span of 2 days).

So now I’m all bring it on fall!

We go to our town’s fall festival. Where I eat some delicious junk food on a hay bale and listen to bands play.


I get ready for good fall tv like Dancing with the Stars!


We go to a Bills game!


We celebrate our anniversary. Last year we did it in Chicago.


I get out my best fall sweaters and boots!


And I watch all of the countdown to Christmas movies on Hallmark! 🙂

Looking forward to seeing what you guys do for fall!


In January, we talked about our goals and resolutions

In February, we talked about how we take care of ourselves.

In March, we talked about mom fails.

I totally forgot about April.

In May, we talked about transitioning our wardrobes.

In June, we talked about summer vacations.

I skipped July and August 😦

How We 2

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