Growing in Gratitude

Growing in Gratitude

It’s the last Thursday of August (yikes!) and I’m growing in gratitude with Fall Into Life  to talk about all the thing I’ve been grateful for this month.



My most adorable niece and god-daughter called me a few days ago and said “I can’t gorgeous today.”

At only 2.5, I think I love her even more.

Girlfriend, I feel you.

Comfy pants and messy buns all day!



This sweet boy turned 2 this month and is still fighting cancer like nobody’s business.

He desperately needs a miracle.

I’m grateful for the legions of prayers he’s gotten and still pray for him every day.



How is it that we’ve been together for 15 years?!?!?!

He’ll be my person forever and for that, I’m so grateful!



I’m grateful that Target and Starbucks collaborated together and make shopping experiences so darn enjoyable. 🙂

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