Target Tuesday

Target Tuesday

It’s time for a Target Tuesday! 🙂

This month’s Target trip started with this conversation between The Hubster and I:

Me: I have to go to Target after work tonight.
Hubster: I have to go to Lowe’s after work tonight.
Me: Let’s ride together!
Hubster: I’m buying a few really big things so what are you planning on buying at Target?
Me: What do you mean? There won’t be room for my Target haul?
Hubster: That’s exactly what I’m saying.

Hubster drops me off at the door of Target. Lowe’s is next door.

Hubster: I’ll be in Lowe’s for a long time. Call me when you’re done and I’ll hurry up and finish.
Me: Um…there’s no way that I’m going to beat you out of Lowe’s. This is Target we’re talking about.


Anyone up for a safari? Or a zoo tour? hehe

I thought this jumpsuit looked cute and then when I tried it on, I was all like, um, I don’t think I’m going for the zookeeper look.


I’m a fan of this dress but it was a little too big on me.

The colors were really cute.


Yellow isn’t really my color but I love how fun and cheerful this dress is. If you’re in the market for a fun summer dress, definitely get this one. It’s lightweight and super adorable.


With all the denim coming back into style, I kind of felt like Britney Spears when she wore that jean dress with Justin Timberlake.


Okay, so maybe I have a little ways to go, but we’re on our way to being these people again!


I can’t find this dress online, but it was so so cute.

I love a good wrap dress but they seem to look weird on me. Thankfully this faux one was perfect!


I am totally loving this cover-up and am going to wear it while we’re on vacation later this month.

It’s really comfy and will look great while we’re on the boat too!


I’m liking the side details of this dress and loving that you can wear your regular bra with it! Win!!

It was a little low-cut for my tastes, but I still think it’s cute!


Finally, I got myself these cute pajamas!

I think they’ll be perfect for when we’re sharing a house with 6 other people. I always like to have cute jammies.

That’s all for this week’s Target Tuesday! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Target Tuesday

  1. Yay Target Tuesdays!! Haha had to laugh about the exchange between you and your husband…Target it is! I love the detail on the black dress. The yellow one reminds me of the same color Meghan Markle wore recently.


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