90s Party!


We had a 90s party a couple of weeks ago and let me say – it was so much fun!

I highly recommend it!

Come on in and see all the totally awesome things we did to bring back one of our favorite decades.


I decided to dress up as my 90s self. So of course I had a crushed velvet dress, Steve Madden sandals, choker, and butterfly clips!

Let me just tell you – how in the heck did I wear those sandals at school, walking around town, and for life?!? I fell off of them a few times.

I wear stilettos all the time and I couldn’t handle a platform. I’m getting old!

The Hubster got freaked out a bit and said that my outfit anti-aged me and that he felt like he was married to the 16 year old version of me. haha – did I find the fountain of youth? Butterfly clips?!?

The Hubster was supposed to be Zack Morris like, but since it turned out to be over 90 and humid that day, he took the striped shirt off rather quickly. And ditched the sneakers – he didn’t want to have bbq sauce spill all over it.


Our nephew decided to go as The Hubster and they made him this hilarious shirt.

Yep, both of them will probably kill me for posting this picture! hahahaha


With one of my true loves!


Some of our friends dressed as themselves from the 90s. I think those are the clothes that Matt wore in the late 90s too!

Everyone seemed to have fun! Yes – that’s a shirt with the paper cup pattern on it!

Best part of the party was the karaoke!

I know that not everyone likes karaoke, but we love a good party with some bad singing!

The Hubster and I started the night off with the theme to Fresh Prince (now this is a story all about how my life got quick flipped upside down…).

You’re singing now, aren’t you?!?! You’re welcome!

And we ended the night with Piano Man. I know it’s 80s, but it’s a good night ending song!

The party was so much fun and I’m still finding slap bracelets in the house!



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