Trunk Club #2


You guys – I’m totally and completely in love with Trunk Club.

I thought I loved Stitch Fix, but move over because Trunk Club is my new love!

As a caution, I took these pictures really late after a long day. Hence the messy bun and bags under my eyes. 😉


First up is a The Fifth Label Parcel Striped Tank which I paired with J.Crew Scallop Hem Shorts.

Loved the top but it felt a little bit not me. It doesn’t look low cut in the picture because of the bow, but it felt like it.

The shorts were cute but I didn’t like the high waist of them.


Please excuse my lack of ironing.

This Vince Camuto Side Laced Top is adorable.

I made the executive decision that washing and ironing it would be more trouble than just returning it.


I’m in love with this CeCe V-Neck Ruffled Blouse and can’t wait to wear it to work on a hot day.

The material is really thin but it’s covering too, if that makes sense.

I’m actually thinking about wearing this top with a pair of jeans to a 4th of July party.

I think it’ll look really cute!


I did like the Trouve Side Cinch top but it felt like a lot of other stuff I already have in my closet.


This cupcakes and cashmere dress didn’t feel like it looked as good as this picture.

It felt tight and I don’t think I’d be comfortable wearing it out and about.


I’m a big fan of this Ever New dress but it felt a little bit too fall like for me to consider it for the summer.


hahah – do you like me in these sunglasses?

I love my sunglasses and have a weird nose that doesn’t let me wear this kind.

But they are cute!

Not Shown:


Yeah – this dress was so small that I didn’t even try to get it over my head. haha


Cute but not me.


These wedges were a little too pricey for me and I didn’t want to get into a “you break it you buy it” situation by wearing them.

And there you have my Trunk Club box #2!!

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