What’s Up Wednesday


You guys – it’s already the end of June!

I’m not ready for summer to be going by this quickly!!

Since it’s the last Wednesday of the month, I’m  linking up with  Mix & Match MamaSheaffer Told Me To, and The Larson Lingo.

[what we’re eating this week]


Is it bad if I say that I’m eating a lot of pie this week?

[what i’m reminiscing about]


That time we hung out in Chicago!

[what i’m loving]


I know everyone talks about how great these Native shoes are for kids, but they also come in adult sizes and I’m totally in love.

They are the perfect water shoes for the summer!

[what we’ve been up to]

We’ve been spending time on the boat, which has been amazing. I love being on the water.

And when I’m not on the boat, I’m shoving these awesome cookies in my mouth! 🙂

[what i’m dreading]

I’m clearly a big baby.

I have to have some shots next month.

And not the fun tasting kind.


[what i’m working on]


Since it’s quite obvious The Hubster isn’t going to be on board with getting a dog any time soon, I thought that my new project is to get him to agree to go to Tahiti.

Doesn’t this look like paradise?

Yes. Yes it does.

If you see The Hubster, tell him I’m good with either (1) a puppy or (2) Tahiti.

I’m not greedy.

I’ll take either!

[what i’m excited about]


Who’s ready to get a ton of cute new clothes for fall!?!?!


[what i’m watching/reading]


One of my favorite guilty pleasures is back – Wahlburgers!!!

I love me some Donnie Wahlberg!!


My real-life book club is reading Once Upon a Time, There Was You and I’m on the fence about it.

[what i’m listening to]


I keep humming the Friends song by Marshmello and Anne-Marie.

It’s really quite catchy!


I might also be singing along to Youngblood by Five Seconds of Summer.

Fun summer songs remind me of being in high school and being at the pool listening to new tunes.

Aaaand I’m old now.

[what i’m wearing]


I cannot stop wearing this jumpsuit.

I wore it for Father’s Day. I wore it to work. I wore it to church.

I love it so much that I bought another one so I could spread the jumpsuit love.

To see what else I’ve been wearing, check it out here and here.

[what i’m doing this weekend]


We’re throwing a 90s party this weekend!

It’s going to be so much fun!

Also it’s supposed to be 90+ degrees outside.

My sister-in-law has requested that I change the theme to a late 70s, early 80s party. haha

Pics to come! 🙂

[what i’m looking forward to next month]


We’re going to Asheville, NC with some friends for a long weekend.

We’ve never been and I hear there are tons of really awesome things to do.

We can’t wait!

If you have any tips, let me know! We love to eat and plan to hit up a few breweries!

[what else is new]

We are doing so much cool stuff – boat trip, Asheville, 90s party, so I don’t think anything else is new!

Have a great day! 🙂


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