Life Lately


Life lately around here has been pretty fun. Come on in and I’ll show you what we’ve been up to!


My sister-in-law and I are obsessed with these crispy almond cookies. We first discovered them last year and then they just disappeared.


And we were without these amazing treats.


Really sad.

And then the other day when I was at the store, I found them in a small basket by the baked goods.


Now we’re rationing them off because who knows if they’re going to disappear again.



We had our first fire of the summer and it was amazing!

One of our friends came over for dinner and we finished the night with some drinks and s’mores by the fire.


Maybe one of us is more excited to be in the car than the other.

Or one of us should have been paying attention to driving.



We had ribs and baked potatoes to celebrate my brother-in-law’s birthday.

I have zero pictures of the meat, but the baked potato bar was so good. I love a good baked potato. Who doesn’t really?


And then over a strawberry rhubarb tart, we sang to the birthday boy!


My niece is adorable and hilarious.

We were playing and she decided maybe she should get on top of the car.

Don’t worry – I snapped this picture and then got her down.


I’m so happy I got to spend some time with my Grandpa on Father’s Day. He’s 94, lives alone, drives, only wears glasses to drive, skips down the driveway to get the mail, and is an all over awesome guy.

I know how lucky and blessed I am to have had him with me throughout my life. He’s pretty much the greatest.

He’s currently planning his own 95th birthday party and I kid you not, in his words, the big one in 5 years. 🙂

He’s amazing and I wish everyone could get to know how great he is.


I also got to hang out with my dad on Father’s Day. (How did the Hubster not get the blue memo?!?)

My Dad is one of the best people ever.

He’s so incredibly selfless and has taught us how to be good people by doing good things.

He lives with intention and purpose.

My dad still plays the piano at the nursing home where his father was for 4 months. Note, my grandpa passed away in late October and my dad still goes and plays the piano for an hour a few times a week during meals for the residents.

He volunteers to fundraise for his church, he attends softball games for his old team, and is the first one to help me whenever I need it. He does complain when I ask for outrageous stuff though. (Like he told me that he’ll never help me move again. That all my apartment hopping in college ruined him.)

I love him so much and am so very grateful that he was picked to by my dad.


My aunt came in to town to surprise my Grandpa, so we got to see her for a few hours. Here’s my mom, dad, grandpa, and aunt.

They’re so cute.


Father’s Day was so crazy hot that my in-laws decided to blow up an inflatable pool for the kids to swim.

I had no swim suit, but I didn’t let that stop me!

I got on my shorts, t-shirt and hopped right in!

On my gosh – it felt amazing.

I’m now trying to get The Hubster to buy one of these inflatable pools! hahaha


We capped the night off with a delicious dinner with my father-in-law.

I have to say that he’s also such a great guy. He’s hilarious and so faithful. He’s always willing to lend an ear or a hand and I truly am so happy to have them as in-laws.

That’s a glimpse of our life lately.

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