Savor 2018


Every year, The Hubster and I head to DC and go to Savor with our friends. It’s a fun beer tasting show and we love it!


The best part about living in Southwestern PA is that we are only 3+ hours from Washington DC. While we don’t get there as much as we would like, we do make it down to visit the sights and see our friends a few times a year.

When we got there, we were waiting for our rooms to be ready, so we hung out at the bar with our friend, Matt. Matt determined that they made smoked drinks and I decided I should definitely have one.

My smoked old fashion was pretty amazing and super fun to watch being made.


The view of the Washington Monument from our Uber!


We made it and the food and beer was amazing!

I may or may not have accidentally pushed a girl in order to get a grilled cheese.


Love hanging with these ladies – we married high school best friends and don’t get to see each other as often as we’d like. So fun to be together for a few hours.


My favorite picture of the night.  What the heck is wrong with my eyes? And what is Kirsten doing?!?


Late night selfie with my guy.


Our brown carpet photo! 🙂


So glad that Matt went with us this year!  Can’t wait until next time!

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