Stitch Fix #20

Stitch Fix

It’s time to talk about my new Stitch Fix box!

Which is also box 20 – yikes! That’s a lot of clothes!


This month I got a pair of shorts, skinny jean capris, and 3 tops!

This is the Sweet Grey McCarthy Top and Level 99 Adrian Print Short.

I took a close up of the shorts because the shell detail was super cute. I decided to keep the shorts because I can wear them all summer and they’ll be adorable. The top wasn’t my favorite.


Next up is a pair of Liverpool Mirabella Capri Skinny Jean and Paradigma Button Down. I didn’t really love either of them.

I have a navy checked shirt already and don’t need another one.  And the pants just felt weird. I have no real other way to describe it except for weird.


Finally, I have on the Market & Spruce Dolman Knit Top.

I thought I would love it because it’s striped and a hoodie and well I love hoodies.

But this one was a dolman style and just didn’t look that great.

So there you have it! 🙂

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