Tuesday Talk


Every third Tuesday, I  link up with  Fancy Ashley and Erika for Tuesday Talk.

Today I want to hear your opinions about queen beds vs king beds.


I slept in a twin bed from the time I was first in a bed until I was 25. And minus the years spent in a college dorm bed, it was the same bed that my parents got me when I was like 2 years old.

Same for The Hubster except he slept in a twin bed until we got married and moved in together when he was 29.

I’m sure that’s weird and crazy but that’s how we grew up (and weirdly spent our early adult years).

When I bought a townhouse and moved out of my parents’ house, I bought a queen bed.


After we got married, I had to learn how to sleep in a bed with someone else.

I’d never shared a bed with someone before.

I’m not a mover in my sleep. I could stay in the same position mostly the entire night.

The Hubster is a rather violent sleeper.

Close-up of young woman in pajamas sleeping on her back with han

No joke – this is how The Hubster sleeps.

And then he violently moves his arms down.

When we first got married, he would hit me in the head/eye/shoulder/back at least once a night.

Thankfully I never had any bruises and the hits weren’t too bad.

Because how to do tell people your husband accidentally elbowed you in the eye in the middle of the night?!?


Now we’re thinking of getting some new bedroom furniture and it begs the question – do we upgrade to a king bed?

That extra space to spread out might be nice.

What do you guys do?

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