Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

We made it to the weekend.


I’m linking up with ErikaNarci, and Andrea to share my favorite things I bought from Amazon this week!



This might sound weird, but we buy the little kids in our life scooters for their 3rd birthday.

No joke.

I’ve purchased like 5 scooters now.

The Hubster’s adorable godson turns 3 in a few weeks and he’s going to love this scooter.



We’re having a 90s party at the end of June and well, there’s nothing more 90s than these Steve Madden sandals.

I think everyone I know had them.

They aren’t crazy expensive, so I just bought them on Amazon.

But I think if wanted to go digging in my parents’ basement, there might be an original pair.

Ugh – my clothes are now vintage and coming back in style? I’m that old already!?!? Yikes!



We just got this Nintendo Classic for my brother-in-law for his birthday.

I’m super pumped to be at his house to play it.

I wonder if I’ll make it past the 2nd board of Mario Bros. hahahah



I’m a pretty big fan of these Nike Pro 3 in shorts.

I wear them under dresses when I want to have a little something else underneath.

Maybe I don’t need spanx but want just something else for coverage.

These are perfect!



Finally this Essential Life book.

I’m going to try out essential oils and I figure this book will help me understand and get started.

Have a great weekend and hope you get to celebrate your mom! 🙂

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