Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

You guys – this is the best Friday ever.

Mostly because The Hubster and I are on our way to Texas!!!

We have big plans to visit some fun places and see a few friends too. 🙂

I’m linking up with ErikaNarci, and Andrea to share my favorites from this week.



I saw this the other day and couldn’t stop laughing.

The Hubster didn’t find it as amusing as I did, but that’s okay.



Tomorrow is my birthday and we celebrated it with my family last weekend when I saw them for Easter.

My mom got me these adorable tulips and I am enjoying them on my counter! The best part about these tulips is that after they’re done, I can plant them in the yard and enjoy them again next year!



Did anyone else know that Smirnoff is back? Or was it never gone and I just haven’t had any in 15 years?!?

I loved Smirnoff when I was in college.

Now I think it’s too sweet for me, but back then, it was pretty darn good! 😉



I can’t stop wearing my Portofino shirts from Express.

They are so comfortable and I am a huge fan.



I must have had a brain block, because I didn’t take any pictures of myself wearing this Halogen Drape Jacket on Easter.

It’s amazing.

It’s lightweight, so if you’re surprised on Easter morning with a snow shower, it’s not going to keep you warm. But it’s so cute and goes with your outfit so well that you might just not care about the temperature and wear it anyway!

Have a great weekend! 🙂

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