Our Easter was really fun and super low-key this year. We never knew that’s exactly what we wanted!

Please note that I was an awful picture taker all weekend. So my pics are super random.

We drove up to Buffalo on Friday night and just hung out with my in-laws and caught up on life.

When we got up on Saturday morning, my mother-in-law decided that we should celebrate my birthday with a yummy breakfast. My sister-in-law, brother-in-law, and their kids all came over to visit. It was really a nice breakfast together.

Of course, I took zero pictures. ­čÖé

After breakfast, we got down to business and did some egg dyeing.


The finished products looked pretty good!


After egg fun, I did an egg hunt with my adorable nephew and niece. This is how they hide their eyes while you scatter the eggs around.

It’s adorable.

When the little peeps went to take a nap, my mother-in-law, sister-in-law and I went to get Easter pedicures.

It was glorious.

Until I realized that I didn’t have any flip flops and I didn’t want to ruin my fresh pedi with my shoes.

So I wore those flimsy things back to the car.

And stepped on a rock in the parking lot.


Saturday┬á night we all went out for dinner at this amazing place, Lucia’s.

The food was amazing and I could go back there all the time.

My pork chop was so delicious. I even remembered to bring it home and ate the rest the other day too!

Of course then we had to get the kids ready for the Easter Bunny.

My nephew and I got the carrots ready and after he was in bed, The Hubster diligently made some bunny tracks.

It was so fun to get ready for the kids.

And then this is it for my Easter picture taking. lol

A selfie with my brother and The Hubster.

Nothing with my parents or grandpa. Nothing with The Hubster’s family.

And by this time, I was wearing a t-shirt with a picture of 3 Peeps that said “chillin with my peeps.”


But Easter wasn’t a fail. It was a great day celebrating with my family.


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