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Today’s What I Wore post is a little different because, well, I haven’t worn anything that exciting lately. But I have been buying some fun stuff, so I technically wore it. 🙂

Dress: Leith Wrap Midi Dress
Shoes: Athena Alexander Monett Sandal

I really loved this dress. I wanted it to be my Easter dress. It’s not. 😦

There are some things I need to come to grips with – wrap dresses don’t work on my body type and neither do jump suits. Both items I love but they don’t love me. Sad.

This dress is adorable.


Dress: Floral Flutter Sleeve Mini Dress | Banana Republic

I think this will be my Easter dress.  It feels like spring without being overpoweringly spring. Does that make sense?

We’re spending Easter in Buffalo where there’s a real good chance that there will either be (a) snow or (b) 30 degree temperatures.

I love clothes and looking cute, but let’s face reality – I’m not so much about going out in freezing cold temperatures without warm clothes anymore. After I passed 21, I stopped doing that. lol


Dress: V Strap Summer Dress | Amazon
Similar Wedges: Steve Madden Belma Wedges | Nordstrom

I bought this dress when we thought our friends were having a luau and I was super excited to buy a fun luau dress.

(How is it that I’ve been to Hawaii 3 times (!!!) and have never bought a luau dress?!?! What the heck is wrong with me?)

Regardless, I decided to keep the dress because I think it will be really fun to wear this summer.

Similar Dress: Pearlized Button Slit Cuff Dress | Ann Taylor

I got this dress through my new Infinite Style by Ann Taylor account. I’ll explain it more later, but pretty much it’s a clothing rental service.

I really loved this dress, but sadly it has to go back because it’s so darn big on me. It’s my size, but was too loose for me to really think about wearing it out. It’s too bad really, because I would have considered buying/keeping this one.


Dress: Houndstooth Flounce Sheath Dress | Ann Taylor

This is the second piece I got out of my Infinite Style box.

This dress fits me like a glove and will look amazing under a black jacket if I need to be dressy. Or it looks great regularly. I love how the bottom is so fun and girly.

Love it!

Note: I did get a 3rd item in my box and it was awful and so giant that I didn’t even take a picture of myself in it. You aren’t missing anything. Really.


Dress: Jersey Knit Swing Dress | Old Navy

This dress was on super sale at Old Navy and I knew I needed it for this summer.

These swing dresses are perfect for those times when you’re running out and need to throw something on. Or you can wear them with nicer flips and dress it up a bit.

They are so comfortable and I wear my black and black and white ones all the time.

In fact, I have a black and white one. My mother-in-law has the same black and white one. And so does my sister-in-law. No joke. The three of us wore them to the same party. We all love them!!

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