Deep Creek Lake


As you may (or may not) remember, The Hubster and I decided for 2018 we would be going on an adventure or trip once a month.

We figured that since we’re still a duo, we should enjoy it for as long as we possibly can. Because when we’re a trio or a quad, we probably can’t do these kinds of trips.

The Hubster and I picked to visit Deep Creek Lake for our February trip and we had so much fun!


We stayed at the Lake Pointe Inn and it was super adorable.

The Hubster and I had spent a weekend here a few years ago and really liked it.

Funny story – the weekend we stayed here last time was in the middle of this awful winter storm and we ended up getting snowed in with like 2+ feet of snow. We couldn’t even leave to go get lunch or dinner, so the innkeepers made us dinner that night.

After we checked into the Inn, we headed out for dinner and found this adorable cafe. I had a fun chocolate/espresso/Kahlua/Bailey’s martini and The Hubster enjoyed a flight of beer.

Then we got down to business. I had an appetizer of cauliflower wings. It wasn’t totally what was thinking it was, but these were really tasty. And you can never (okay sometimes you can) go wrong with meatloaf. This one didn’t disappoint. It had BBQ sauce on top of it and was super super delicious.

I have no idea/recollection what The Hubster ate. I was too busy stuffing my face with these amazing dishes!

And then this is what the remainder of our trip looked like.

I watched The Olympics.

I took a break from the Olympics and read a book.

No joke.

It was super relaxing. 🙂


Just as we were about to leave for dinner, The Hubster forgot something and ran back upstairs. I took the free moment to take a quick selfie with this adorable bear!

Of course The Hubster caught me in the act and laughed.

Dinner was really good – I had chicken oscar which was basically a chicken cutlet with a crab cake and crab bisque poured over the top of it.


We sat by the fire and it was nice and cozy.


We tried to take a selfie by the lake but the light was all messed up.

We had a really nice time just relaxing and hanging out. We basically watched tv and were super lazy, but that’s okay with us!

Now on to the March trip! I have no idea where that’s going to be, but we’re going to have fun finding a spot!

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