Show & Tell Tuesday


Today’s Show & Tell Tuesday with momfessionals is all about what’s on your phone.

My phone might be the insight into my brain. haha

These are my 3 phone screens. I have a really hard time swiping to more screens than this. Plus, I organize the vast majority of my apps. I think most of the ones on the third panel I don’t look at every day.

It really *really* bothers me when my unread email reminder say anything but nothing. Those little red circles really bug me. So take comfort in knowing that it’s a temporary situation.

I saw my mom’s phone recently and she has like over a thousand unread emails. My eyes freaked out a little bit.

[favorite apps]


Yeah, how did we ever get anywhere before we had Apple Maps?!?

I use this app all the time.

Although I am a little freaked out that it knows where I parked my car.


Dark Sky is one of the best weather apps ever. It gives you custom weather and will tell you when it’s going to rain, how long it will rain for, and what % chance of the weather. The Hubster and I both have this app because it’s that good.

I totally admit that I am addicted to social media.

Although lately it’s been mostly Instagram and less Facebook and Twitter. I do look in on those from time to time, but Instagram is my go to.

I think because it’s all pictures and I don’t have to see cooking videos or (generally) political ads. It’s mostly just my friends and their travel and kid pictures.


Yes, I am on Pinterest too.

I put that app on the last screen of my phone and try not to go on or I’ll get sucked into the abyss.


I also have the Glow app because sometimes I forget to write down on my paper calendar when I last got my period.

And sometimes when that happens, I get surprised and that is never a good thing. Like when I freaked out because I thought I had a real problem and I was hemorrhaging.


Just forgot to count the weeks.

Yes. You can eye-roll me.

I’m clearly not able to adult.


So you can also see that my music tastes range from classic rock (U2) to pop (Britney Spears and Niall Horan and Ed Sheeran). Also on regular play in my phone are Christmas tunes.

Because you  never know when you’ll need to belt out Mele Kalikimaka in July!

Can’t wait to see what all of you guys do with your phones! 🙂


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