Target Tuesday


Today’s Target Tuesday is brought to you by the letter T.

Tank Tops!


This Target trip I really only focused on tank tops, so in all the pictures, I have on BLANKNYC Denim Shorts and Converse Shoreline Sneakers.


So this Aloha Friday tank is adorable and of course I bought it. Because (1) aloha is my jam and (2) it’s a really comfy tank top.

I can see myself lounging in this on Fridays this summer by the fire pit.


I’m a sucker for patriotic tank tops. This year since the 4th is on a Tuesday, I have a whole weekend to wear adorable patriotic outfits! This tank top is perfect for one of those days!

I bought it in a medium because the small seemed to be a little tight and short.


Next up is this adorable blue stars tank. I wanted to buy this so badly, but it fit kind of funny. I also have ton of clothes that are navy and white, so I passed on this tank.


I’m a giant fan of this Knox Rose tank on the hanger and not so much on me. The embroidery across the chest is really cute too.


This tank is a nope.

I can’t find it online. Just no.

No for me. And I recommend it’s a no for you.


We end this tank top madness with this adorable romper.

I don’t think it’s meant to be pajamas, but I’m totally making it summer jammies. It’s a lightweight sweatshirt material and super soft. Perfect for sleeping!


And finally – this bag is so cute and will be perfect for summer!

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